Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's more American than Firetrucks, Juice Boxes, Suckers and Explosions??

I love the 4th of July ~ I love the cheesy parades, carnivals, fireworks and family time all in the name of the good ol' USA. We went to the Kaysville parade and carnival, then had a BBQ at our house before heading back to Davis High for fireworks. My mom, sister and her friend came up for the day, Jim, Florence and Mike joined in the festivities and Jill and her adorable grandkids Hayden and Addison hung out with us at the parade.
This is the first holiday Dylan has really gotten into, it was awesome! He loved the parade, especially the loud firetrucks and cop cars, he was immitating their sounds - SO COOL! He laid back in awe for the fireworks, most of them anyway he got a bit bored about 10 minutes before they were over. He enjoyed his first sucker and juice box, both of which didn't last long since they primarily just created a mess!

As a result he didn't even make it to the car before falling asleep after the parade. I love that he has his hand in his mouth because he never sleeps like that, it's like he just passed out in the middle of something!

The only logical finale to this perfect day? One bed, 2 adults, one baby and 2 dogs. If you didn't end this way you aren't a real American... Ok that's not completely true but between our exhausted Dyllweed whose room was too loud from neighborhood fireworks, Sasha who is deathly afraid of fireworks and only allowed in our bed for about 2 weeks in July and Capri who always sleeps at our feet but gets very anxious when Sasha is having a panic attack, this was the result. We could very well have been hunkered down in the middle of a war, it was actually quite ridiculous! I don't have a picture so that one is going to have to be left to your imagination - you're welcome.

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