Friday, June 18, 2010

Dyl Paints

For Mother's Day Dylan made homemade finger-painted cards for all the special ladies in his life! As you can see it was kind of an emotional roller-coaster...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm a triathlete - What? What?

Remember this resolution?? Checkity ch-ch-check it off my list!

June 5th I lined up with the rest of the girls to start the quarter mile swim in Salem "pond" - wow.hard! I have done it in the pool but this was an entirely new challenge. Physically the wetsuit made it more difficult and mentally I struggled for various reasons, the first being that I couldn't see in the water and second that I couldn't move the same way in my wetsuit. It really threw me off! BUT I made it and started the bike somewhat depleted only to be quickly rejuvenated by the incredible playlist Abi so thoughtfully created for me - THANK YOU! The bike went pretty quick although I can't wait to have a road bike next time. Of course the run was tough, let's face it a run is tough for me without the previous two events already draining me. Of course I probably wouldn't be blogging this if I didn't complete it and in 13 min less than I had really hoped for no less! I am so happy about it and more than anything can't wait for the next one where I won't have the fear of the transition logistics and can really focus on the time of my events.

Thanks for all the support from my fellow competitors Whitney, Colter (TOOK THIRD!!) and Abi, and my awesome husband, mom and sister! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

I loved it! What a fantastic experience!!