Thursday, July 31, 2008

5 DAYS?!?

I cannot believe that in 5 days I am having this baby! It really has gone by so fast, I know I have been lucky. Here are the last couple of pictures at 37 and 38 weeks... what a belly!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

10 Years of Change

It’s amazing to me that 10 years have passed since Ryan and I graduated from Davis High School. With our reunion last weekend I was thinking about all the things we have done and changes that have taken place since that day when we stepped into the “real world”. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t changed at all!! I have so many opportunities to revert to the “high school” version of myself. I credit that partially to the fact that we are still so close to many of our high school friends, we have so much fun together! I love that while we are fairly responsible and professional in our 9-5 lives the moment we get together that’s all out the window… Even though I feel like I have changed very little the evidence suggests otherwise! Even watching the slideshow at the reunion we looked like little kids in high school!! I think this impact will be even greater at our 20 year but until then some proof of change in the last 10 years…

Sports Cars become SUVs

First apartments become first homes

First jobs become "grown up" careers

The old DHS became the new DHS

Hours of school work become hours of yard/house work

All night parties become “just dinner” or maybe some video games at home

Rambunctious puppies become lazy dogs

And I know that list will grow when we have a baby!!! All in all the changes are great, it's fun to grow up as long as you can still be a kid sometimes!

Speaking of here are a few pics I had scanned in from HS...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Safari Baby Shower & the Finished Nursery

I really have the greatest family and friends!!
Last weekend Ryan's mom and sisters threw me an awesome "safari baby" shower. They obviously put so much work into it and everything was fantastic!! Thanks so for planning such a fun party and thanks to everyone who came to visit and celebrate with me! We played some games and even did a charity project to send dolls to kids in Africa (GREAT idea by the way!). Florence also made this awesome diaper cake full of things we really need, it turned out so cute and must have taken so much time, I love it! For favors my sister, sister-in-law and mom made the cute frog cupcakes and zebra and bear cookies, they turned out adorable. It was also nice to have the kids there to test things out for us; Mikade approved the toys while Maiki tested the car seat and new books.

Thanks for everyones generous gifts I think we are finally set and it is confirmed that this will be one spoiled kid!!

More great news.... the nursery is done! Ryan finished all the details and our rocker was delivered last week. It turned out PERFECT!! So in addition to my awesome family and friends I have one incredible husband, he did everything exactly how I envisioned it.
Thanks Ryan!! XOXOX

This cradle is a family heirloom Grandpa made for my mom when she was expecting my little brother, it will be so nice to have him sleeping in our room those first few weeks. Ryan's Grandma Powell made the adorable bear blanket that matches the bedding perfectly!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Park City Weekend

The last weekend of June was crazy busy and so much fun!!
We rented a condo in Park City for the weekend...

The first night was our annual "ladies retreat". This is our 5th year doing the retreat and it has become such an awesome tradition! Basically we spend the evening catching up and pigging out as we progressively revert to the spastic high school versions of ourselves. It's such a fun release and reminds us all to stay young and stay close to our girlfriends! Thanks ladies for another fantastic year!!

The next morning we had brunch at Red Rock before some people hit the outlets and others went home to get their families. That afternoon we had a baby party/shower of sorts for guys, girls, couples, families, whoever! It was a fun luau where the kids played in the cold "hot" tub, Mike made smoothies to order, we had yummy shredded pork sandwiches, played Xbox and Wii and just hung out in general. It was so great to have everyone there ~ Thanks!
You can tell the photographer was only interested in all the cute kids...