Friday, March 27, 2009

13.1 ~ the .1 is important!

WE DID IT! Last weekend we ran the half-marathon in Moab and it was AMAZING too incredible for words so the day in pictures....

Dylan was oblivious to the day we had in store! The beautiful red-rock canyon was filled with racers...

Now he realizes how awesome his mom is!

Waiting with Grandma - way to go Grandpa, Kristi, Katie (where is her pic?!) and mom!!

I feel EXACTLY how I look!!

Dylan is baffled by Grandpa's gigantic feet!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grean .... Beans???

We were not all that festive on St. Patricks day this year, in fact this is the closest thing we did to honoring the holiday - Green beans! That counts right?? Dylan is just getting into feeding himself "real" food. I couldn't help but include the whole process from his excitement, to his speculation and finally sheer joy!
I am so excited to eat these things...

...why do I put everything in my mouth?...
....let me tell you what I think...

...approved! Mom was right again, they are delicious!

A true G - Tossin' up gang signs!
(Look how fast his arms are moving)

I'm going to get that thing mom always plays with...

heeheehee I am wiping food all over it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Patty's with Pladdohg!

Check out Ryan's incredibly talented family in Pladdohg performing Friday, March 13th at the Rocky Mountain Raceway.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Day By Day - My own tag!

I think most of you are probably with me on this... I take a ton of pictures on my phone and NEVER do anything with them. But really these pictures probably represent best what we do from day to day SO I am making up my own tag! I challenge everyone to get their phone pics and blog about them, I promise just going through them will make you smile.

3.3.09 Running with Sasha - why aren't we going!?!
2.26.09 Ashlee's boys making Dylan laugh so hard!
2.26.09 Dylan and I watching cartoons

2.25.09 My proof that dogs and kids really are alike, they are watching TV together.
2.10.09 I really love my running route! It's like I am suddenly 100 miles from civilization. These cows are adorable and always stop eating to watch me run by, I wonder what they are thinking...
2.6.09 Dylan holding his own bottle for the first time.
2.2.09 One of the precious moments you absolutely MUST capture!
1.30.09 Painting the foyer at the shop - beautiful Bleeker (RL)
1.28.09 Funny story... I was hanging curtains at the shop and didn't know what would be the most sturdy placement for the rod so I had to send this to Ryan to help me out.
1.17.09 Two teeth!
12.30.08 Forgot to rotate this one...look how serious he is! That is totally Ryan right!?!
12.19.08 First time in a highchair AND eating a paper napkin, BIG DAY! Where is all his hair!?!
12.13.08 Making homemade rolls and ran out of non-stick spray so they rose a bit much while I ran to buy it!
12.4.08 WOW that was my baby!?! Seriously it wasn't even that long ago..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Run & Sun

With only 20 days to the Moab Half Marathon I am still pretty slow but my mileage is increasing! Today was the MOST beautiful day so I RAN and ran and ran and ran... ok that is probably talking it up a bit much but I did run 6 miles and even got a bit of a sunburn - viva la spring! Sasha loves to go with me but today it was a bit warm for her so she took a quick dip in the stream and without missing a beat she was ready to run again seriously how do I not have the energy of a 60 year old pup!?!

Because I was loving my day outside so much I decided Dylan needed some fun in the sun as well so we tested out his sidecar for the first time, we had so much fun while he seemed rather indifferent to it all! Or perhaps he was disappointed because all he wanted was this bike he kept trying to eat at the bike shop. I am sure he will learn to ride early but for now he will have to settle for being a passenger.

Remember to laugh like this!!