Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Serious Swim

I don't know why he is so serious in all of these pictures, I think he was sick of me interrupting him to get his attention...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Laughter & Tears

This last week has been a roller coaster! More accurately it has been a big down swoop with one short lived peak in the middle... Poor little Dylan as been incredibly sick and it has been so hard for all of us! He started getting sick last Wednesday and proceeded to have a fever and was unable to keep anything down for three days. It was unreal, he could not even move, hold up his head or anything. He just laid there, wouldn't even look at you, toys, the TV... It was honestly heart breaking! He started moving around a bit Saturday and no longer had a fever after Friday. Sunday he broke out into a rash so we were back in the Dr. office Monday, he had Roseola. He also had a sore throat and we went back to the Dr. for some tests on Wednesday, after lots of tests we at least know it's not Strep, RSV or Influenza. Fortunately, he is finally feeling better this week, although his energy and appetite are slow catching up. I have new sympathy for everyone who has had sick kids, it's so incredibly draining and stressful! Here are a couple of phone pics on the day he started getting more active again... I LOVE this scowl, it says it all!

On to those few hours of fun in the middle? JOEL MCHALE! This could not have come at a better time, we needed the laugh and he brought it! I don't think anyone has kept me laughing so consistently for so long. He is a comedic genius! I mean really how can you not laugh at this??

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day By Day ~ Volume II

Another camera phone update and it's a long one...I should be better since I have a Google phone that makes it easy to blog my pics, oh well more fun for you! ;-)

05.29.09 Sitting on his bee watching TV... and yes that's a "fence" in our living room but no we don't neglect and abandon him here, this is simply because we get exhausted from chasing the speedy kid! We are old, I recommend it for every parent!!

05.23.09 Can anyone tell me what these two flowers are called? Ashlee I am counting on you for this!
Also one of my favorite trees and landscaping features at Red Butte Gardens.

05.17.09 This is Dylan's favorite place to play these days!

05.05.09 Looking for his shadow on the swings.

05.01.09 Thanks to Aunt Jill for Dylan's first taste of cake, he is diving right in for a fist full of icing!

04.15.09 More snow in April! Really??

04.11.09 I don't know why my pictures blur like this sometimes, it looks artsy right? This is Dylan in my sisters purse.

04.06.09 Baggy jeans and cute buns - just like his dad!

04.03.09 The first time he pulled himself up onto his feet.

03.28.09 Need I say more?

03.26.09 Cruisin' for ladies at the grocery store, what a playa! Seriously, he is such a lounger... eventually he is completely sideways with his feet up, then he gets stuck because of the seat belt and yells for help and we start the whole process over again. Good times!

03.25.09 On the move and taking a short cut to through the toy in an attempt to catch Capri.

03.21.09 Dinner at the fabulous Zax in Moab. Nothing like delicious all you can eat pizza the night before a race!

03.19.09 First time sitting in a shopping cart, his face expresses the wonder of it all!

03.19.09 Finally some decent weather to play outside and explore the grass.

03.08.09 I LOVE this picture!! Dylan and Ryan were waiting for Kristi and I to finish a long run and it was more sunny than he expected so Ryan covered Dylan with my jacket. He looked like ET or Yoda sitting there...but the lighting in this, especially for a phone picture, is incredible! Could he be more awesome!?!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's goin' on...What's goin' on?...

Now that I have put that lovely song in your head ... It's been a crazy few weeks! Thank goodness it's because of all the fun things we have been up to ~ have I mentioned I LOVE summer!?!

FIRST ---->>>> We visited Ryan's Grandparents in Lovell, Wyoming. It was so great to see them and visit Lovell, it's the definition of small town America and I love it (to visit...)!! The terrible thing is we haven't been since we first got married, almost 10 years - we are bad grandkids! It helps that now we can fly into Billings or Cody so the drive is shorter. Dylan had a blast, he was spinning circles on the plane ride there trying to touch everything! He loved meeting Grandpa and Grandma and we are the luckiest parents to have such a good sleeper and laid back traveler. Of course no visit is complete without a rousing game of Upwords!

SECOND ---->>>> Musical Theatre Season begins! Actually I don' think it really has a season but we are making some BIG and exciting changes at Belasco Theatre Company Utah. I will definitely be keeping everyone up to date. In the meantime it keeps us all very busy and excited, our fall show will no doubt be my favorite one yet!

THIRD ---->>>> Ryan's sister Lisa and her boys are visiting right now. It's always so much fun to see them and the boys are all at ages where they can play together. They came over to play with Dylan yesterday afternoon and then in the evening we went to Red Butte Garden with the whole family for Kristi's Birthday and a congratulations picnic for Ryan's dad who is retiring from the Air Force as a Colonol with 22 years of service, awesome! It was so much fun, I can't tell you how much I love that place! It is one of Utah's best kept secrets in fact I may ruin it by spreading the word... The first few pictures are actually from a different visit but I had to include them, we go there at least once a week so I take tons-o-pics.

Happy Birthday Kristi!!

This is why you don't give a kid who is just learning to feed himself a
CUP to play with in the sand!

Last week the Wisteria was in bloom - it looked and smelled incredible!
Kristi, you look alright too ;)

Dylan absolutely loves to play with Aunt Jill (technically Ryan's aunt) and pretty much wherever she is, Dylan is as well! This is what happens when you play in the water BEFORE the sand box...he is plastered!

I have a million of these pictures but I narrowed to down to three. Lincoln is in the middle, he is 3.5 years old and Sawyer is closest to the camera, he is just over one year old. I had to include the last picture because it best depicts what was really going on! The fact that it is blurry actually adds to the affect. Dylan is yelling in excitement and delight, Lincoln is consistency creeping toward the edge of the platform and Lisa has a firm grip on Sawyers shirt while he attempts to join the fishies head first.

Jim not only received a Certificate of Retirement and Appreciation from Pres. Obama for himself, they also award the supporting wife. I know all you military wives will agree it's a well deserved honor!

FOURTH ---->>>> Dylan is TEN MONTHS today! YEAH!! He is such an awesome kid and everytime I think "it can't get better than this" he proves me wrong. He is mimicking me a lot lately - words, sounds (like when I sneeze! lol), actions, eating and so on, it's all so amazing to me! At his 10 month dr. appointment he finally passed the 20 pound mark! He is 20.6 pounds (30th %) and 30 inches tall (90th %), he grew 1.5 inches in just one month! Fortunately his head seems to be on a break...phew! Aside from all his fun chatter he is moving all over the place, climbing on things, walking along the walls and furniture, even occassionaly venturing to take a few steps without support, though he ends up right on his bum. I think he is still a month or so out with walking but he is quite determined, of course having his head growth slow down a bit should help, poor kid!

FIFTH ----->>>>> I don't even know how we have time for fun when we are spending countless hours working on our yard! It's getting so close...kind most of you know it never really ends. I actually really enjoy the work I just wish it wasn't so expensive! The front yard is pretty close, the flower boxes Ryan made me last year are flourishing with colorful blooms and tasty herbs. We have fresh bark down in all of the flower beds and just need a few more plants and trees to finish it up! The backyard? That's another story!! When they came to put in the sprinklers and cleared the weeds I couldn't believe how big the yard is! We finally finished all of the edging today. I had a really good time picking my pattern and placing the edging for the whole yard BUT I couldn't believe it was SUCH HARD WORK!! Ryan came behind to finish hammering in all the stakes, we make a great team. I'll get some pictures of the front and update as we progress! Oh how could I forget? I planted my own garden for the first time, a few tomatoes, squashes and rhubarb. Hopefully it goes well and we can plant more next year!