Saturday, May 30, 2009

9 months? Feels like 9 days...

It's amazing to me that little Dilly has been here for as long as I was pregnant with him, that's a year and a half - where did it go? Remember when you were young and everything seemed to take FOREVER? Waiting for summer vacation, driving to Grandma's house, counting down to Christmas, time crawled. Now what feels like moments has been months! I guess it's further evidence that we really MUST take advantage of any and every opportunity, life is short and there is so much we GET to do! When Dylan was just a few days old he was sleeping on Ryan, something that rarely happens now, and Ryan said "this is going to go by so fast, isn't it?" - wow was he right! I try not to miss a moment with this kid because we are so lucky to play with him every day and before long we will be nerdy, embarrassing parents (at least Ryan will be) and he will be off doing his own thing. Has my perspective changed or what?!? I could go on and on but perhaps another day... for now a few pictures of the last month with our little Dillweed, I know it's way more than a few but I couldn't pick!

We love to be outside!! It took him a few times to get used to the swing but he now could chill in it all day, I love the picture where he is watching his shadow. Kiddos are so observant!

Fingerpainting with ketchup and mustard, he loved eating the mustard!

He loves playing in the water! Bathtub, sink, pool, as long as he can splash and get wet. These cute pictures were taken in his birthday suit, for his 9 month birthday.

First taste of gelato, seriously not ice cream, real gelato! It is the best I have tasted outside of Italy. It's called Bella Citta Gelato & Cafe and there is one in Foothill Village and one in Sandy. We are hooked! Not kidding, I looked in our bank account...8 VISITS in May!

All this fun? Plum tuckered out...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sushi Master Mama

Ok not so much the master part but I am learning! Ryan and Dylan got me the most fantastic Mother's Day gift, sushi class at Sur La Table and sushi making supplies. I LOVED IT! The class was amazing. Sur La Table has a very nice teaching kitchen and a VERY well educated head chef, not to mention this class is full service! There were 8 students and they served you tea, coffee, latte's, whatever you wanted while we waited for class to start. The teacher, Chef Kyle, talked about how to make perfect rice (it's truly an art), select fish, sushi history, etc. for about 30 minutes before we started hands-on. We spent an hour or so trying different tools, techniques and ingredient combo's. When we finished we had a quick break and came back to a full meal! They had edamame, homemade miso soup and all of our spectacular sushi... it was a feast! I got more practice Sunday when my family came out...more on that later. Here are a couple of pictures, thanks again Ryan I had so much fun!

Golf season begins!

We went to the driving range with Chris, Annie and Maiki to 'tee' off the golf puns! I didn't go at all last year (hot, prego, huge, etc...) so I have really been looking forward to golfing this year. Not to mention Ryan got me an awesome set of clubs, the pink ones pictured below, aren't they cute?! I know you thought they were Chris or Ryan's but they are all mine, I have never actually had my own set. They are the right size and everything! :D

Dylan and Maiki had fun playing as well, although I don't fully understand Dylan's technique of sucking on the club AND bag first. Who knows, maybe he is a genius and we have been missing a vital step all along!

We should join a league...

Or maybe not! I am a terrible bowler, I mean REALLY awful! But I still love it and it's a great group activity. We went to Fat Cats for a few games last week with my family. Thanks for planning it mom!!

Dylan is a BIG TIME daddy's boy, but who wouldn't be?? Ryan is pretty awesome...I guess...he's like a 7 who thinks he's a 9 (his words, not mine!). And look at Dylan's big beautiful eyes! Yep, those are from me, or more accurately my dad because mine are more green, you're welcome Dilly.

With my sister Anna and brother Curtis.

Dylan loves playing with his aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, friends, really everyone! He is such a social butterfly...or I think Krissy calls it a dragonfly, more boy-ish...he seriously loves new people. Or maybe he just gets sick of me? Ashlee's boys make him laugh SO hard, they don't really have to do anything he just gets excited and giggles when they are around. I think he can tell they are super sweet and happy kids.

Mother's Day Weekend

Last weekend was chock full o' family fun!

On Friday night my mom, sister, Dylan and I went to Heber to visit my Grandparents and take them to dinner for Mother's Day. It was really fun to have Dylan play with them, they hadn't seen him since November, I know we should go up more often... Grandma had fun making Dylan giggle, the video is priceless, and letting him try new foods. He even liked pickles!

Sunday we spent the morning doing what we do best on Sunday morning...being lazy! We went to Ryan's parents house around 1230 and I made ebelskivers (Danish pancakes that are delicious, round and sometimes stuffed!) for everyone so we could have a nice brunch outside. It was a beautiful day and Jim took all the pictures so I will have to get them and post later.

When Ryan went to work (sad) around 230 Dylan and I went home to setup for my family dinner. We had a Japanese feast, I mean really SO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD! Mom made stir fry veggies, Curtis made homemade gyoza and I set up everything for sushi. I even made perfect rice, I swear it's beginners luck and will never happen again! Curtis and I had fun trying different "recipies" although he went a bit heavy on the spicy sauce (sriracha) for me! I had picked up fresh tuna and crab at Aqaurius in SLC, with the time change they actually get it from Hawaii the same day it is caught, amazing! My mom, Anna and Brittany got a bit adventerous (for them) and enjoyed the rolls with veggies and/or crab. I love thinly sliced lemon on my sushi, if you haven't tried it you are missing out.

Lots of camera issues...sorry!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If this isn't what it means to be a mom I don't know what is!

I know we have all been here, well not exactly here, but Michael's expression says what we have all certainly felt when mom does something that we hope our friends don't see...or anyone for that matter.

Of course being a mom now I see the humor in such situations and must confess my anticipation for the opportunity to mess with Dylan!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Italy Fever

It's nothing like the Swine Flu but you should be informed... Symptoms manifest themselves in yearnings for cobblestone pathways, meandering through hidden alleys, gawking before ancient architecture, feasting on classical art, overdosing on gelato and gnocchi, reveling in the sounds of a busy piazza and rapidly spoken Italian, idling on the edge of fountain or in a lush park, pursuing paths of influential leaders, artists and thinkers… the list goes on. The treatment is quite pricey and once you have it you're sure to see it resurface every 15 months or so. The only cure? A visit to Italy, or for me specifically, Rome!

I don't know if any of you have been afflicted with something similar but this is no joke! When you visit a place that truly speaks to you, it gets into your skin and creates a craving, desire, absolute need to visit routinely. Italy, Hawaii and San Diego are such places for me. I know my plight is a difficult one! (sarcasm intended)

I have recently been looking at pictures from our last couple of visits and it only increases the severity of my symptoms. This may be irresponsible but it’s quite contagious and I am afraid you are likely about to catch it…

Saturday, May 2, 2009

San Diego

Last week I left Dylan overnight for the first time and it was hard - I missed the little guy so much!! Fortunately I was in San Diego (for work), one of my favorite places, which eased being away from him... to some extent. I was only gone from Monday to Wednesday but made sure to take advantage of my short visit. For those of you who don't know I lived in La Jolla the summer after high school, working as an intern at the Birch Aquarium. I taught kids summer camp classes, it was incredible and I always love going back. Fortunately I had a few hours each evening to visit some of my favorite places.

The Lovely La Jolla Shores

Seals at La Jolla Cove - we used to take the kids here all the time!

Wind and Sea Beach - I lived just a couple of blocks from this beach, it's very rocky at high tide. I took a picture of myself haha :D