Friday, October 31, 2008

Joshua & Missy

Wednesday night Kristi and I went to hear the incredibly talented Joshua Radin and Missy Higgins. They played at Club Sound in SLC, a surprisingly decent venue, and they were both amazing! First of all if you haven't listened to Joshua Radin you are missing out on the heart wrenching poetry and soothing voice that defines his self-proclaimed genre "whisper-rock". Hence this fancy schmancy imagery... yeah it's the "rock" sign with a whisper...

Check him out here! I started listening to him a few years ago when his song played on an episode of Scrubs and have been a fan ever since! His most recent album "Simple Times" is incredible and the song "I'd Rather Be With You" has become mine and Dylan's song, I first heard it one day when he was a bit cranky and was singing it to him (and still do) so now it's ours!! Joshua seems to be pretty normal and laid back, we got to hang with him a bit before Missy Higgins went on stage. Don't you think he and Kristi would make a FANTASTIC couple!?!
Now how do we get that message to him??? hmmm....

I have just recently started listening to Missy Higgins as well. I thought she was really good but FELL IN LOVE at the concert. She is amazing!! She sings, plays piano and guitar and is also quite funny!! Here is her website but really I should find a video so you can SEE what an incredible performer she is ...


Monday, October 27, 2008

Random Ramblings...

It has been a while since I really blogged, I can't say posting a collage of my adorable little boy really counts! So today I write...

I was buying some teething rings for Dylan and when I got home and opened them noticed they were made in China. I realize that a lot of our products come from China but given the recent recalls on baby products I started thinking that I don't really want to buy toys from there, especially if they are meant to go in his mouth! I started searching for any that were not made in China but none of the stores I went to had anything so I have moved my search online. I found a fellow blogger with a list of toy brands not made in China I'm not here to make any political statements, it's just something to consider!

Speaking of not making political statements it's almost time to vote! I am sure like much of America we will be crowded around the television in suspense next Tuesday night as votes are tallied and states select their candidate. It's such an exciting and important, albeit frustrating, time! I have found it's really hard to get accurate, unbiased information out there, I guess reading the voter pamphlet and individual candidate websites is probably the best way to get accurate details. I also found this site Select Smart which allows you to select candidates for comparison. Granted this is information someone else has compiled so it's still important you research the background on issues that are most important to you. I don't know about the rest of you but for me this is an especially difficult election!

On a lighter note...

Our wonderful friend Ping gave us the most adorable things for Dylan and it seems like everything she bought has become a favorite! The towel is awesome because it's more like a blanket with towel on one side so he is extra warm when getting out of the tub. And now my favorite pajamas and his favorite cuddle toy... These PJ's are awesome and I can't find anymore at Baby Style (where they were purchased), or on the manufacturers website Petite Bateau, so if anyone knows what the style is called please tell me! They have four snaps going down the upper back then the butt flap comes around and snaps just twice. The great thing is that all of the snaps are in the back and there are only two you have to deal with during diaper changes. I love them! Finally his banana... I know it may seem like a funny toy to many of you but it's perfect for his little hands! It's a great cuddle toy because it is soft, organic, small enough around for him to hold and it doesn't pose the harm of many stuffed animals you can't allow babies to sleep with. The brand is Under the Nile and they have many adorable little toys like this! He also has a tomato and mushroom to look forward too :) Thanks Ping!!

This last summer some colleagues of mine were staying in SLC for a few months to work on a project. They (and their spouses) are from India and kindly treated us to a meal at The Bombay House. It was incredibly delicious and now that we have learned what to order we have visited there and the Kasbah in Layton many times. A few weeks ago Ryan decided that our new found desire for Chicken Tikka Masala could be fulfilled at home, and he was right! He found a recipe to fit his particular tastes perfectly and has now mastered the meal, or our version of it anyway! Additionally I found a recipe for Naan and while it's not as good as it would be with the appropriate tandoor oven, I am pretty proud of it! We now have this meal a couple of times a week and honestly I just can't get enough, it's really addicting. Here are the recipes we use (although we bake the chicken instead of grill it). Thanks Bharat and Aju for introducing us to your delicious cuisine!

Chicken Tikka Masala

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Skinny Habits

My cousin (in-law), Jen, just started a great new blog for a healthy lifestyle. She did an awesome job with the layout and organization, it's full of healthy recipes, tips, tools, etc. I posted it as one of my links on the left, ironically it's right above So Cupcake!
Check it out... Skinny Habits.

Friday, October 10, 2008

**Fun Fall Weekend**

I am a bit late with this post but a couple of weeks ago...
Friday we had a family picnic at the park in Fruit Heights. I can't believe how many cute kids were running around! It's amazing how much our parties have changed in the last few years.

We also went up to Oktoberfest at Snowbird with Cole, Ashlii, Sophie and Rubie. It was so pretty in the canyon and as always the food was delicious!

Beautiful Ashlii and her Beautiful girls ~ Dylan getting his drink on!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dylan Weighs In

~*~*~ Happy 2 Month Birthday Dylan ~*~*~
Yesterday we went to his 2 month appointment and he is growing so much! He is still in the 90th percentile for height at 24.3 inches long and now in the 75th percentile for weight at 11lbs 13oz.
August 2nd ~ August 7th
August 10th ~ August 18th
September 23rd ~ October 2nd

He loved playing on the paper, he was so happy before they came with the shots... :( Hang on to the end and you'll see his cute smile!!