Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kaysville Sports Plex

We joined the new Sports Plex in Kaysville last month, it's a nice facility and more importantly VERY close to our house! I have only been a few times and need to step it up but so far I really like it. It's funny how different working out while prego is! I did a spin class and found it really hard to stay under the recommended heart-rate of 145 beats per minute. One of the reasons I love spin is that you get consumed by the energy of the room and work out a lot harder than you even realize, I have to resist this now and take it much slower. It was still fun and I always feel great after a workout!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I heart SNL

Who else is excited SNL is back!?! WAHOO!!

Bill Hader did such an awesome job imitating Daniel Day Lewis, seems like a good follow up to my last post...

I LOVE it when Amy Poehler is a boy! And if you haven't seen the preview for Tina Fey's new movie Baby Mama you MUST check it out... click here

Monday, February 25, 2008

Let's talk Oscar...

Typically I would spend this morning talking to my fellow movie-lovers at work about The Academy Awards. The speeches, the clothing, the performances, the injustice and the deserving. Working from home really changes that dynamic so I guess instead I will talk to you... which is really just me, talking to myself...This is going to be a short conversation!

There are so many things I loved about this years Oscars...

Kristin Chenoweth, isn't she awesome!? She is super hot and so talented. We saw her in Wicked in NYC a couple of years ago and she was incredible! I was so happy to see her perform last night.

Daniel Day Lewis, there was no beating this guy! His performance in There Will Be Blood could absolutely not be outdone. Sadly for Tommy Lee Jones, Johnny Depp and George Clooney, who were all in great movies, this had to be Lewis's year.

I am so glad that Juno got one award for their nominations. It was such an awesome movie and you have to love Ellen Page.

Once has been on my list for ages, but I haven't seen it yet. After seeing these two I will have to watch it right away!

People like this make the night for me!! I love John Stewart he is a great host, and really Steve Carrell can do no wrong...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Flowers, Fence, Family and Sunshine soon to be had…

First of all Ryan got me the MOST BEAUTIFUL flowers for Valentines day! Look at this… I love them so much. He got them from our friends at Linger Floral you should check them out!

Second our fence is COMPLETE! It’s so nice to let the dogs out to play on their own, especially in this cold weather. The funny thing is they don’t quite understand their new-found freedom yet and always want you to be out there with them. The first day we had it Ryan was throwing a ball for Sasha and they were able to stay on top of the snow because it was completely frozen but when Sasha went to push off she sunk her back leg in and twisted it somehow. I felt so bad for her! She limped for a few days and had a hard time with the stairs but is doing much better now. It’s sad to see her hurt because it makes her seem old, she will be 8 in October which is getting up there. I really think dogs should have the EXACT same life span as their owners! Capri on the other had is still not sure about the snow and pretty much just follows Sasha around the yard, she hasn’t been out in the cold much. It’s especially funny now that it’s starting to melt and she sinks, she sticks it out but I don’t think she really loves it yet. Next is grass I guess! That will definitely cut down on the mess!!

Our poor little nephew Lincoln has had a hard couple of weeks! You can catch up on the details in his blog but long story short he had an ear infection and then what they thought were chicken-pox and it turns out he had an allergic reaction to the medicine for his infection. The pictures make me so sad! He is still trying to smile though, what a tough kid!!

My mom and sister came to visit over the long weekend. It was fun to have EVERYONE together!! We went to dinner and did A LOT of shopping! We had everyone over Sunday for dinner and games too. Anna dedicated a lot of her time mastering Guitar Hero, an important SKILL for young and old alike if you ask me! Monday we went up to the new Salomon Center in Ogden for lunch at the Pizza Factory (yummers!) and some miniature golf. It was a fun weekend, THANKS for coming down!

And finally, I am SO excited, we are going to escape this gloomy winter BIG TIME!! We are going to Hawaii with friends Cole & Ashlii who we went to Europe with last year! I can’t wait and wish it were SOONER ~ I guess April will have to do! YES I am fully aware that I will be 6 months pregnant and Ryan didn’t hesitate to make sure I was ok going when I will be SUPERFAT(what a sweetie!) but I can hardly wait, it can’t come soon enough if you ask me! In planning things for our getaway I found some fun pictures of our previous trips to Hawaii. We were lucky, in college I was working for Delta and we spent a few days after each semester RECOVERING on the warm sand of Waikiki, I even took a final from an internet cafĂ© there once! At least this time we won’t be taking our own PB&J and Ramen (to cook in the coffee pot at the hotel of course) and hopefully we can eat at somewhere WITHOUT a dollar menu, traveling on a college budget (pretty much equal to ZERO) was sure a fun time!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


A friend just sent this to me! I love it... thanks Celeste!! You may want to pause the music at the bottom of the screen so you can hear the music and kids laughing.

Friday, February 8, 2008

That's my baby!

Yesterday's ultrasound was AWESOME! Our little baby looks like a little baby! It's amazing how much has changed in just 4 weeks. The ultrasound is below (the conversion made it a bit shaky sorry!) and you will see feet, then the profile and spine, she also measures the head and abdomen, thigh bone and neck. It's crazy how much the little baby is moving, she/he was really making the ultrasound tech's job difficult! I love that it already is developing a personality and mind of it's own!! Oh, there are a couple of parts where she was tapping my stomach with the ultrasound wand thing to try and get the baby to uncurl, she/he wouldn't listen.... I guess that could be bad news for us down the road but based on our personalities is probably not all that surprising! Also, I think it looks like me because of it's little nose and chubby cheeks, Ryan thinks I still just have baby features so inevitably it's going to look more like me! haha We'll see, regardless this is going to be one freakin' adorable kid!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

TV... Come Back...

I don't know about the rest of you but I am more than ready for this whole strike to be over! Call me selfish but I MUST be entertained!! Fortunately, some shows have started coming back and I am SO HAPPY about it!! Lost, New Adventures of Old Christine and House all have new episodes running this week... Now if we can just get The Office and 30 Rock back with the program I will get my weekly dose of laughs and all will feel right in the world again.

EXCEPT, while I am on the topic I feel it is necessary to pay homage to perhaps the greatest sitcom of all time Arrested Development, taken sadly in it's prime! For those of you who missed the short 3 season phenomenon I highly recommend you rent it and catch up, it was genius before it's time and is greatly missed... Take some time, get to know them

Moving on... Regardless of my former ranting TV is not my life... entirely! This weekend we also went to the movies - haha I get that's not really different. We went with Ryan's family to 27 Dresses and it wasn't ALL bad. In fact there were about 20 enjoyable minutes in the 107 minute flick, that's almost 20%! Ok I am probably being a bit overboard, we had fun it was a good family time, it just wouldn't be my first pick ;-) BUT if you are looking for a great, albeit less family comfortable for viewing movie, JUNO is excellent!! If you are a Michael Cera fan (again Arrested Development, though not my favorite role for Jason Bateman) you will especially appreciate the humor of this movie. And if you are looking for something the WHOLE family SHOULD see it would have to be Dan in Real Life - simple story, great family characters and fantastic music!

Ok enough about MY entertainment! I also went to the Dr. yesterday and all looks great - I have my 2nd ultrasound on Thursday! They checked the babies heart rate and it was around 160 but the little one wouldn't hold still long enough for a really good read... I am taking that as a good sign I will have an active little wiggle-worm! I am posting this picture of me at 13 weeks despite my better judgment but at the request of far away friends and family - thanks a lot guys!