Friday, August 20, 2010

Dilly Doo is two two TWO!

It's hard to believe that it's already been two years since our little Dilly was born! It's amazing to me how at each stage I have thought how much fun he is and how "this is my favorite" but then the next moment it changes and I fall love all over again!

He is so much fun right now and FULL of his own opinions. He is into cars, trains, animals, books, counting, colors, coloring, Mickey Mouse and most of all Spongebob AKA "Bob-bob". He is always talking and if you listen carefully he is very clear as to what he wants, his persistence pretty much ensures you will figure it out! Fortunately while he is learning to be more demanding he is also learning to use his manners. He is very gracious and will nearly always say "Thank You", "Sorry" and "Please". We are still working on "You're Welcome" and "Excuse Me". He is also very excited to learn about everything in the world around him! As we drive he will say "Mama, Mama, Mama... (until acknowledged) ... Choo-choo-train" or "Car". He is also noticing what is on signs, like "Lala" (Elephant) "Cow", "Pig", "Didi" (dinosaur) etc. and then tell you what they say. I could go on and on but kind of feel like I have already!!

We love you Dylan and the enthusiasm you bring to our otherwise dull lives!

Yes we are as tired as we look ~ We had just returned from an exhausting (meaning lots-o-fun and very little sleep!) trip to NYC!

We had a few fun games for the "kids" including jello aquariums, decorating the treasure chests that they hunted for and taking down the Spongebob pinata!

Thanks for cooking the Krabby Patties Curt!

I didn't get pictures of everyone - Kids parties are crazy! :D But I do have more they are just on Jim's camera still...looks like we'll need a birthday post REEEEMIIIIX!

I ADORE this cake (shout out to Parson's Bakery) and the table looked amazing - don't you think!?!

Dylan is so spoiled! I know this sounds dumb but honestly I didn't even consider gifts when I planned the party - you all are too, too generous!! We got him this fun playhouse "Dylan's house" where he visits daily. He also got lots of Spongebob paraphanalia which he loves, playdough, a dr. set, outdoor toys, puzzles, books, clothes, pool toys, a hand-painted bathroom stool, tent, a slide to match the house, and on and on...Did I mention he is spoiled?!?

Happy birthday my little Dilly Doo ~ We love you!