Monday, March 22, 2010

March...catchin' up!

Here are a few random March happenings that I just can't leave out!

Jaks Theatre Company performed ANNIE and did an excellent job, I am always so proud of you guys! Thanks to everyone who came to help and support. A lot of time, money, sweat and tears goes into these productions and I appreciate each and every one of you who contribute!!

Pladdohg performed for St. Patricks day and it looks like Dylan has chosen his preferred instrument... he was really going at it and making sure he hit ALL of them. It was awe.awholelot!

Not-so-little Hadlee Dru turned FIVE - what? She is so much fun for all of us and I love what a help she is with the babies. Dylan has an adorable crush on her and follows her everywhere! Thanks for being such a fun part of our lives Hads!

Speaking of adorable little girls that we all absolutely LOVE but do NOT SEE ENOUGH! Both of the beautiful Madsen girls had birthdays in February. Seriously, gorgeous!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

**Video Star**

These two are either besties or at each others throats! It's so funny. They even have the same "my mom didn't comb my hair today" do in these videos. I also LOVE that Elsie watches herself in the TV. They.are.awesome.
PS Sorry these videos are a bit fuzzy, I didn't have the auto focus on!

Here is Dylan just being Dylan!
In the first video he says Car, Dad (Ryan was taking things out to the car), Flower (flala) and Ma (his monkey).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Silly Lad

Watching Dyl watch the leprechaun dance is more fun then watching the dance itself!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Pats & Pladdohg

St. Patrick's Day Celebration
Celtic Rock Band

All ages, family friendly ~ $5 at the door

At the Village Green
395 S State Street

Dylan is sure excited...

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Day by Day ~ Volume IV


03.11.10 ~ Capri & Dyl
03.10.10 ~ Best pic we could get babysitting 4 of our favorite kiddos!
03.10.10 ~ Beautiful day for a ride!
03.09.10 ~ Do you want a banana? *note the picture on our computer in the last shot... ha! love you :D
03.03.10 ~ Last day of fridge play.
03.03.10 ~ Beautiful morning!
02.27.10 ~ Lucky.
02.26.10 ~ Just like dad.
02.25.10 ~ Oh that face.
02.25.10 ~ Those eyes.
02.25.10 ~ Not a baby anymore.
02.24.10 ~ Run bikes are serious business.
02.24.10 ~ My rear view mirror. I'm lucky.
02.23.10 ~ Dylan at Annie rehearsal.
02.23.10 ~ Staple gun = blood blister :(
02.23.10 ~ Finding Dyl's beep-beep.
02.22.10 ~ Baby pasties? So wrong.
02.22.10 ~ Painting set 'windows' - 5 full days of my life.
02.19.10 ~ Chillaxin'.
02.18.10 ~ "Working" with mom.
02.17.10 ~ Can't leave this pup alone!
02.17.10 ~ All that work and this is it?
02.14.10 ~ Valentines "kee"/squeeze.
02.06.10 ~ I got bangs.
01.30.10 ~ He was laughing hysterically until we filmed...obviously we don't know which way to face the phone/camera.
01.07.10 ~ Cartoons & Pups.

Dylan ~ 18 Months

It's amazing to me to watch Dylan run around, play, sing songs and rattle on in complete sentences even though I only catch a few random words - some days it really hits me that he's a little boy, no more baby Dyl. Lucky for me he is still a sweetie pie and will cuddle and "kee" (squeeze) he isn't rejecting me...yet...He loves to talk! His new words are up, down, open, on (all used to be lumped into a simple "go"), numma (food), shoe, noh (phone), bye-bye (he uses it ever so nicely when he wants YOU to go), he knows a lot of animals sounds owl, cow, bunny (tries to wiggle his nose - so cute!), duck, elephant, seal, dog (still calls them all Sasha), kitty, tiger, bear, loves to make car sounds, give fives and pound (the theatre kids taught him this, he even grunts when he does it!) . He is getting opinionated about what he eats and drinks - fun! He loves to sing songs including "You Don't Know Me" by Ben Folds it sounds something like "me, me, me, me" and "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga which is more like "gagagagagaga". He will also act out some of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Pat A Cake" and as soon as he hears Micky Mouse Clubhouse he starts singing "Hot Dog". I could go on and on... I kind of already did! But for now we will leave it at that - happy 18 months little one!

~ 18 Months ~

Almost 25 pounds & a full 33 inches long
He is still in the 30% for weight and 90% for height but the good news is his head is back on the charts!