Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Road Trip ~ Part IV

Really? I am still talking about this?? I don't mean keep dragging it out, I thought I had wrapped this up last month but we can't leave out beautiful Yosemite can we??

As part of our northern route detour we decided to drive through Yosemite. We lucked out and it was a free day in the park BUT it was also incredibly crowded! We only got out a couple of times and pretty much just set our sights on making it through the park in a reasonable time. Hence most of the pictures taken from the car... Regardless it was gorgeous and the valley itself is breathtaking. We will have to return and spend some time hiking and exploring a bit.

Last but not least --->

What do you get for $50 a night in Fresno? A hotel left untouched since the 1970's, blond Lily Tomlin at the front desk and all! I am not exaggerating when I say I was more than a little afraid for our lives. We arrived after midnight and after driving for most of the day so I was exhausted, perhaps that contributed to my seemingly realistic fears? The front desk was gated in because it was after hours, there was a big bell on the front desk (which Dylan quickly learned to work and LOVED), we had to fill out a paper with our car and license plate, they took an imprint of our credit card, there was no elevator and the pictures of the room speak for themselves. Seriously this place was GENUINE old school, loud TV in the neighbors room 'til 3AM and all. I feel like my words can't do it justice, the pictures may not either...

Now - How about $50 in Reno? Honestly? THE BEST service I have ever had and an amazing upgrade! When we checked in the woman at the front desk was taking forever and had to go talk to her manager and I was concerned there was some issue, however she returned to tell us that because we booked last minute we were put overlooking the pool where there is an all night "adult" party on the weekends. She convinced her manager that our little family with a baby didn't need to be kept up all night and that they should upgrade us to the other side of the hotel - Ryan wasn't sure this was a good trade ;-). So we went to our 14th floor room and all the way to the end of the all and didn't see our room, then we realized the double doors at the end of the hall went to our entryway where there were two suites. As you can see by the following picture this was the COMPLETE opposite of our previous night. I seriously LOVE that front desk lady! We had the most relaxing night and took a nice swim in the morning to tire out Dylan before the long drive home. Oh - more on their service - I forgot part of our baby monitor and called when we got home so they shipped it to us at their expense and we had it two days later. AWE-SOME.

When in Reno http://www.grandsierraresort.com/

at last!