Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who is this boy??

Dylan is changing so much lately! He is feisty and opinionated yet so sweet and a total comedian.

For example the other day we were trying to get him to say our friend Abi's name and he kept saying "Tisti" which is his aunt Kristi. We asked him 4 or 5 times and the last time he said "not Tisti" with this silly look on his face that said he knew he was teasing us! So funny!! Extra funny because afterward he said Abi just to show us he was playing the entire time.

He LOVES being outside and now that he is putting sentences together they frequently have to do with going outside. This sequence is so funny to me... he decided to eat the sand and you can see the progression of his face as he tries to get it out using his sandy hands. Keep in mind I am just documenting the whole process, no help from mom! I love his content look at the end.

As for the feisty? The following picture says it all!! I get this look, yell and point a couple dozen times a day and was overjoyed when I captured it in this shot. It sums up perfectly the new side to our sweet little Dilly's personality!

If there is one thing Dylan loves to do regardless of his mood it is to dance! We had music on outside and he was just spinning on the deck. Honestly he can be dead tired and will still be wiggling his hips or nodding his head. In fact we were on our way to my race at 530 in the morning and I thought he was asleep in his carseat and look back to see his eyes peeking above the blanket and he is just rocking out to the music. Even I wasn't dancing that time of day!

This week we had a full on Dylan-day-o-torture! Dr, shots and a haircut! What was I thinking? Thank goodness for suckers this kid (and his poor teeth) had three on that fateful day...

We did survive it though and the outcome is an adorable little boy - where is my baby?? I know the haircut had to be done and it looks so cute but he looks so different and grown up!!

Race for the Cure

On May 8th we have entered to run the Race for the Cure under the Trudee's Tribe Team. And the team goal is to raise $600. The team is about 71% there. So what I want you to do is click here and click on the Donate Today pink button in the upper right corner, the type in Beth or Ryan Thomas and donate. Even if it is $10. You will feel good because you are helping out with something that is so important! You know you want to!

And if you would like to run or walk the race, sign up today. The deadline is April 30th.

Help us help this team!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~*~ Em's ~*~

Kristi and I went to dinner at Em's last week, if you have not been GO!! I don't know the last time I had such an incredibly delectable feast! And I do mean feast, we ate SO much and can wholeheartedly recommend; Grilled Scallops on Spinach, Smoked Salmon & Crab Rolls, Baked Brie Salad, Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, Steak Special and Chocolate Chunk Brownie with homemade Chocolate Habenaro Ice Cream... Mmmmm this is making me hungry!
Thanks Kristi :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

How do ya like them apples?

Dylan is OBSESSED with apples these days! While it's not great for the diaper changes I absolutely cannot resist when he asks SO PERFECTLY and cheers "YEEEAAAHHHH" when I give them to him. It's adorable really!

I know it's sideways again - my phone is different from my video camera!

**SLC 5K**

Last weekend I ran the Salt Lake 5K with my neighbor and SIL Kristi. Thanks to all the support at the finish line, mostly Abi since Ryan didn't even see me cross - his excuse? "I thought you would be at least 5 more minutes" ... hmmm sucks when his excuse is actually a compliment that I did well! WHICH I DID! I am not a person who 'loves' running or ever really focuses on improving my time but I did have a goal of running the entire time and getting somewhere in the 12 min. mile, I know SO SLOOOOW but I have been running about 13 min. miles at home so would be happy with anything faster than that...and I AM HAPPY because I did it in 10:59 miles! So now I have a time and will improve on it for the next race which happens to be for this fine lady and her family on May 8th
This guy also ran his personal best completing the half marathon in just 1h 28 min, yep that's 6:40 miles for 13 miles - AMAZING!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~April Birthdays~

This month we have lots of family and friend birthdays!! At the risk of leaving someone out I will just say one BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you April babies!

Grandpa Tonge Turned 80 ~ Thanks Dearden's for hosting. It was so great to see everyone!!

Annie Turned 30 ~ Welcome to the club! Lauren & Sara are joining this month too - yeah!

And this little guy is the BIG ONE!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter by the Pool

We were lucky enough to spend Easter by the pool in nice, warm Phoenix. Poor Dyl had been sick the week before so I am glad he was feeling well enough for us to make the trip and have a great time. Thanks to the Hammer's and their family for the invite it was a much needed recharge and we absolutely love spending time with you! You can see that we really did one thing this entire weekend - play outside!!! There was lots of pool and trampoline time, I love how much Dylan loves these kids and they love him it makes my heart sing!

Whatever they are talking about in the first picture is really making Dylan say "oh my goodness" in the second!

Here is a fun attempt at family pictures with the kids on Easter morning - Dylan was not at all interested but don't they all look so adorable anyway. These are images of pure truth!!