Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fridge Fun

Dylan LOVES to play in the fridge!! He moves things from shelf to drawer to cupboard, etc. This first video shows how he asks for things - his request gets faster and higher the longer it takes you to respond. Whether he is asking to "go" which means any action (open the door, pick me up, open this box, get me out of my high chair, etc.) or saying car, car, car or snow, snow, snow until you acknowledge him, the method is always the same. I swear he gets into pitches only the pups can hear sometimes!

Here he thinks I am taking a picture and is saying cheese and then he starts playing with his fridge 'toys'. He will put his real toys in here, take things from the cupboards, put things from the fridge in the cupboards, the fun never ends! Who knew??

Thursday, January 21, 2010


As most of you know I am not typically a flaky person and I really make an effort to do what I say I will do and complete things I start, however last year? Not so much! It was a tough year for me, not awful and not great either but it's over...and so is my complaining about it.

So here we are 2010 and I'm coming back! I hope you didn't think I was going to say there would be a 'new' me, I happen to think pre-2009 Beth is actually quite awesome so I resolve to find her again. I don't expect it to be overly difficult I have an awesome little family and I am starting the year with a stable job that I enjoy and allows me to be home with Dylan, but there are definitely things I plan to accomplish and become, so why not share? I actually took a class once that said if you share your goals you are more likely to accomplish them, it creates some accountability to more than just yourself...blah, blah, blah...

1) To be a better friend and neighbor. In general I over commit myself, my time, Ryan's time, etc. I have finally realized it's not the same with Dylan - I have to turn it down a notch. BUT by doing so I will be able to follow through with what I commit too and that will be rewarding for us all! :)

2) Baby weight? Really? I'm a realist and regardless of where it came from it's got to go! I know this, or some form of it, is on everyone's list and I am a big fan. Let's bring down the national fataverage (it's more fun as one word) and not let this one drop off our list by February. How is this going to happen you ask? Well contrary to my above statement about not over-doing it I have signed up for my first sprint triathlon! Fun!?! I am SO excited!! Training has begun and so far I am loving it - somehow I have to try and ready to keep up with this girl - not likely to happen but I have to shoot for something!

3) Elisabeth & Elizabeth. Yes I mean this in the exact same vein as Julie & Julia. My father-in-law got us all these amazing books for Christmas and one that he got me is a beautiful Italian Food cookbook by Elizabeth David. Check it out HERE. Food AND a book? Does he know me or what?? I started reading this book immediately and am inspired by her passion. Incidentally I watched Julie & Julia a couple of days after Christmas and I knew it was fate - I mean really, we have nearly the same names too and what better way to honor and appreciate this incredible book than by making every single recipe?? The problem with this goal? It truly interferes with #2, therefore this will begin AFTER my Triathlon in June.

4) To learn again. It's so different to be in school and have your mind, beliefs and way of thinking consistently challenged. Without that structure it is easy to let the things you used to enjoy studying fall to the wayside until soon you are left with mere crumbs of the knowledge you worked so hard to gain. Therefore this year I am going to focus on three main subject areas of study, all somewhat related. 1) European art 2) Italian language 3) Roman history. We have courses on the 1st and 3rd from the Teaching Company (again thanks Jim!) and Rosetta Stone for the 2nd. I listen to at least one lecture most days and it's incredibly rewarding. Remember back when you couldn't wait to get out of school and NEVER thought you would actually miss it?? How things change...

I know Gladiator is not 'real' Roman history but can you honestly tell me that this picture doesn't represent exactly why we find it so fascinating?

5) To blog more! Can you tell? I must admit I miss so many of my blogging friends. While I completely understand the issues of 'keeping up with the Jones-es' and 'I'm not as funny as she is' or 'I don't write as well as so-and-so' in truth - I don't care! Personally I blog for me, I wouldn't have anything close to a journal otherwise. And for those who complain that blogs only show the unrealistic, rosy side of life - I get that too, but who cares? I say blog YOUR way, the way that makes you happy, the way that makes it an enjoyable experience and if blogging is anything but enjoyable then don't do it and I will continue to miss you dearly. xoxox

In sticking to Goal #1 that's all for me!

Here's to a fantastic 2010 and accomplishing everything that's in your heart!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

This beautiful day called for a photo shoot...

Eating Snow? Confidence, Curiosity, Uncertainty, Approval!

Mood Swings: They really happen that fast!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nothing Suits me ... like this scene!

If you don't watch HIMYM you should! If you do and didn't see this amazing scene you should! If you do and did see this scene you should SEE IT AGAIN!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And then THEY were thirty...

**Disclaimer - this picture is a joke, Ryan doesn't rock this look - but he could!

I cannot tell you how much Ryan has enjoyed the last 4 months 'in his twenties' while I was way up there 'in my thirties'. He has always had fun teasing me during this short time period where we are different ages, even though technically I am always older than him, but this year was especially fun... for him! It doesn't help that I was born in the 70s and he the 80s, but that does make me oh-so-much-cooler than him, right?!? I mean come on, the 70s?? Regardless there is little defense for "How does it feel to be in your 30s? I feel so great in my 20s!" and "Do you remember that? It was in the 70s? That was the decade before I was born so I don't remember it at all!" [mind you this event was typically not something that happened after September of 1979] and so on... But now I get 8 months of peace while we are the 'same' age - meaning we are equally old, or is it young? Regardless we both agree that we don't feel that much different than we did when we turned 20 or 25 so what's the big deal? The big deal is that it's a BIRTHDAY and you all know how much I LOVE Birthdays!

If you remember I had a big party on my 30th, not because I necessarily wanted one for myself but I did want a big party and my birthday was the perfect excuse! What a night - I loved it! This is where we are so different, Ryan's idea of the perfect birthday? Dinner with the fam. Something we do almost every night anyway. Even when a friend asked to watch Dylan (thanks Abi) Ryan declined, he is so in love with Dylan - what an awesome dad!

We went to one of his favorite restaurants, Thai Siam. If you haven't been there or it's been a while - GO! I don't know how they could make it better but they did, deeelicious!! Dylan even enjoyed some Calamari, it seems he thought it was more fun than tasty but whatever it takes to make that boy eat, playing in a ramekin of water and eating sticky rice right off the spoon.

Happy Birthday RyRy - My love for you is ageless
( long as you're still hot of course!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hangin' with Hammers

Colter & Abi had us over for dinner and a hang out last week. It was nice to finally go out again, after staying in for what seems like FOREVER with my cold and sinus infection!
You guys are such great friends! We seriously love you ~ Thanks for the good times :)