Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dedicated: Lincoln & Sawyer

Dylan has the most adorable cousins who unfortunately live WAY TOO far away! But they are so good to him (and have an awesome mom!) and made him personalized cards, mailed individually, from Latvia, absolutely oozing with love! He promptly named each masterpiece and we have hung them in the place of honor, on the fridge.

"Lincoln" by Lincoln Thomas Busby, age 4.75

"Hands" by Sawyer Hamilton Busby, age 2.5

When we wants to hold the picture he asks for it by name.

Link to "tank you" video from Dylan! It was too large to upload here...

**Dyl thought we were on Skype hence his reason for coming to look at the screen, poor kid wanted to actually talk to the boys! We live in the future man!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What was he thinking??

Last month Ryan accomplished an incredibly difficult race to the top, literally the top, of the mountain in Kaysville. There's this little race called the Bairgutsman, little in the sense that you can't find much information about it and what you do find is very ambiguous. Well, at the suggestion of his "friend" Scott he decided to sign up...kind of, he was talking about it for months before I just went in and committed him by registration!

Essentially this race goes from Fruit Heights FIVE+ MILES STRAIGHT UP THE MOUNTAIN - a 5,000 foot climb - to the radar towers on top, it's then finished with a mere 5+ miles along the top to the finish line before you hitchhike down Farmington Canyon. Hence the title of this post "What was he thinking?" Well, what I was thinking is let's take out more life insurance! But of course he made it and in great time (2h57m, 20th place!! I know, he rocked it!) with minimal thrashing of this legs from the brush - this is definitely not a groomed trail.

Thanks for taking a couple of breaks to share with those of us mere mortals who were sleeping and missed this breathtaking morning view!