Thursday, December 18, 2008

My big little Utes fan!

He's little for a football fan BUT such a big boy!! His four month appointment was last week and he weighed in at a wopping 15 pounds! For all of you who understand this, because I didn't before Dylan, here are his's funny how excited I am to see these numbers at each appointment! He is staying fairly consistent, in the 95th percentile for height, 50th for weight and 90th for that gargantuan cranium (movie reference anyone?!?). If only they had a chart for utter cuteness!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's the most wonderful time...

This time of year is so incredibly busy ~ yet so incredibly fun!!

First)))) Ryan and I were married 9 years ago yesterday - how is that even possible?? I mean really, we must have been children when we got married...oh that's right, we were! As seen in the following pic (which I had to SCAN in! We are oldies!!) -->

Love you Ry!!

Second>>> We had our Christmas party with friends last weekend. Thanks Williams for hosting! I made my first turkey, well turkey breast... but still I made a yummy apple cider brine and, if I do say so myself, it turned out fantastic! Of course this party would not be complete without homemade orange rolls, I'm glad you all like them so much!! For some reason most of my pictures are a bit blurry but we still got the all important photo of the ladies. Dylan slept almost the entire time but he woke up to have some fun, he just loves all of the attention!

Movie night is dedicated to Christmas movies this month! We kicked off with Kristi's choice of Christmas Vacation a classic that I am ashamed to admit I had never seen!!! I know you are asking "how is this possible?!" I didn't realize it either. I could have sworn I had seen it, I knew all of the references but when we sat down and started watching it I timidly admitted this was in fact my first time watching the movie! It was a big moment for all of us! Last week we watched my favorite Christmas Flick - don't make fun - White Christmas. I know it's old and a bit cheesy but I just love it! What a great time.... What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Dedicated: Latvia

We are so excited for Ryan's sister and her family who just found out they will be moving to Latvia for Kelly's work in the Foreign Service. You can read more on her blog but essentially we will be vacationing in Eastern Europe for the next couple of years before they move on to China... It's nice to have things planned for us!!
Love you guys ~ xoxox

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Let the festivities begin...

I wasn't very good at taking pictures on Thanksgiving Day but I did get a few of Dylan helping me cook! We had a busy morning making homemade rolls, spinach dip and sweet potato casserole (the best recipe from Ruth's Chris - it's like candy!). This is Dylan learning how to play with the spatula, I say learning because gagged himself a few times at first. This sequence explains it all...isn't that such a sad face!

To get in the Christmas spirit we went to the Old World Market last week in Salt Lake. It was pretty small but I think it's a great idea and this was their first year. We bought Dylan an adorable new hat! After parking at the Gateway we took Trax to the Gallivan Center and then walked down Main Street to Temple Square. It was so fun and festive and Dylan was SUCH a good boy, he really loves being outside!! Along the way we stopped at Lambs Grill Cafe for hot chocolate. I had never been here but it's awesome! I really want to go back and eat there sometime. It's the oldest restaurant in Utah and it really feels like you step back in time, I loved it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December? Really?

It's hard to believe that December is already here again, especially with this incredible weather! It seems like just yesterday I found out this little guy was on his way (it was 12/04/08) and now he is already 4 MONTHS OLD! He has become a jabber box lately as seen in these cute videos, the second one is kind of long but my favorite! He is also getting pretty good at his hand-eye coordination and sticking everything he can in his mouth. He loves to play on the floor and scoot around, I am sure in no time we will be chasing him all over the place! He is also quite a thinker and spends a lot of time really concentrating on things, he will have staring contests with his toys and watch people when we are out as if he knows what is really going on and we are the ones left in the dark... It's amazing to watch him learn new things every day!