Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All about the baby...

Yesterday I had another ultrasound - YEAH! I love it when we get to see him. He is doing great, just looking really scrunched and uncomfortable but hey so am I! He is 5lbs 2oz so I am still hoping he will be in the 7 pound range. Later in the ultrasound you can see his face really well, she woke him up and he yawns a couple of times. It's really cute!

The nursery is SO CLOSE! We have a couple of things to hang and we are waiting for our rocker from Babinski's, it's still on order. I love the room - I think it's perfect!! Ryan and his brother Mike are so awesome to do all of this considering my limited capabilities right now, especially when it comes to painting, ladders, etc. They did such an incredible job, thanks guys!!

I don't know how I let you guys talk me into posting these pictures but here you go... This is me at 33 weeks - yikes! I can't believe how close we are getting. Although the more uncomfortable I get (we have now added the hot summer temperatures) the more ready I feel!

Capri would not stay out of the picture for some reason!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hard Rock or Musical Theatre!?!

It seems inevitable that this little guy is going to come out dancin' we just aren't sure to which kind of music yet...maybe all of it!
This week we went to see Stone Temple Pilots at the E-Center. Another incredible performance by the unpredictable yet always entertaining Scott Weiland. A few pictures are below as well as video of the opening and final songs, notice he gets progressively more naked throughout the show...


Where does the musical theatre question come from you ask? Well here is my shameless plug for Belasco Theatre Company (Ryan's aunt runs this in Syracuse). Opening night for Grease is TONIGHT and it runs until June 21st. We have been helping with lighting and sound during dress rehearsals this week and it's going to be an awesome show!
Visit their website here for show times and ticket details.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Where have I been?

I can't believe May has come and gone, as you can tell by my HUGE gap in posting! So for a quick May recap...
We went to the final, and I do mean FINAL, game for the Utah Jazz. It was really fun but also frustrating!! It's incredible how much energy and noise there is at a playoff game.

I had my first Mother's Day, completely unexpected!! It was really fun. We had breakfast at Thomas' and they bought me a beautiful Japanese Maple that I have wanted for a long time. It was exciting to plant our first tree! At least for me, not sure if Ryan was quite as excited... :) We also got some great books for the baby from Jill & Kaiser and Kristi - thanks everyone!! Ryan bought me an awesome birthstone necklace for the baby's month, he better not come early! It was nice to have my mom and sister in town too! We spent the evening at Curtis and Brittany's for a yummy BBQ.
Thanks everyone!!

I visited Oracle Headquarters for a couple of days on my last business trip until after the baby is here. It was during a cold week so it was really nice to enjoy sunny San Francisco, especially in my awesome ride! Jealous!?! Here is a drive by pic of the Oracle campus and one from my hotel room.

Finally, can't have a full month without a picture of my funny pups. This is them "helping" Ryan clean the car the other day... I don't know why they love it in there so much! It doesn't even matter that it's just sitting in the garage!!

I'll post more soon!! The nursery is almost done and I should probably get a "10 weeks left" picture of myself on here...