Monday, November 30, 2009


This year we spent Thanksgiving at my brothers house and it was delicious - SO MUCH GOOD FOOD! Thanks for hosting we had so much fun!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boys Boys Boys

Cutest ~ Happy ~ Cheesy ~ Baby Gray

Dad blocked the TV ~ Mom is making me get my picture taken = DRAMA!

Pushing Buttons ~ Saying Cheese

Unrolling the paper towels ~ Being adorable Dylan!

Serious Sawyer

Perfect profile ~ Look at those eyes!

So many cute little boys around here! I love it!!

Thanksgiving with Friends

Last Friday we had an incredible feast of deliciousness! Some friends came over and brought the most fantastic food - just talking about it makes me hungry. Oh and the company was alright too... Just kidding! You guys are awesome - thank you so much for coming and sharing your Thanksgiving traditions with us.

The one thing we didn't do is take enough pictures - Actually we took quite a few but had the wrong lens on the camera so they didn't turn saddens me...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Road Trip - Goin' North

Again for work I had to travel, this time to Vancouver, BC - yes CANADA. Since it's logistically impossible to get help with Dylan while Ryan is at work and school we realized Ryan would have to take the week off as well and decided if he wasn't going to be working he and Dyl should be with me! Besides, Ryan only had 13 (now 11) states left to visit and had never been to Canada so it could check off two states, one province and one new country. We headed out on Friday afternoon, Oct 16 and made it to Boise only 4 hours of 14 but we got some rest and went to Seattle the next day. It's slow going with little Dylan, he is really good but we have to take some breaks and let him play. We arrived in Seattle around 7pm and checked into a very nice Renaissance Hotel just a few blocks from Pikes Place. We walked down the steep city hill looking for someplace to eat and ended up at McDonalds - it amazes me how much Ryan can eat McDonalds! We didn't stay out long since it was kind of chilly and rainy but it was so beautiful, I really do love that weather. I know everyone says I would get sick of it but I'm not so sure about that...The next morning we went back down to Pikes Place to get the fresh little doughnuts I had been raving about since my last visit, they are to delicious to describe. Although as my ever-practical Ryan pointed out the whole experience probably contributes to their actual tastiness - whatever. After walking through the main touristy area of Seattle we were off again. Dylan fell right to sleep but those pesky border guards woke him up!

Dylan is a talented photographer...

We arrived at our hotel in Vancouver that afternoon around 3pm and pretty much just hung out in the room resting and letting Dylan expend as much energy as possible. I was up bright at early to head to my training session by 7AM. Ryan and Dylan mostly stayed at the hotel, watching toons and building forts like pictured below, Ryan says they were for Dylan but we all know the truth! There was also a massive mall next door where they went to play each day. Dylan was fighting a cold and it was pretty chilly so it was best to keep him inside when possible. We went downtown two nights and on our way out we did the loop drive through downtown during the day, including beautiful Stanley Park and the gorgeous bay. Did I mention I love this weather??

I don't know what's going on with the lights but it's very urban

This is Dylan literally hanging off the pier where he learned to say 'boat'

Stanley Park - how can you not love this fall weather?!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This turned out to be the best costume for our not-so-steady walker! Dylan has gotten very good at walking the last few weeks but he still has that wide stance and puts his arms out for support, this made for the perfect Frankenstein. He would even growl as he was walking to you - it was Franken fantastic!

Thanks for the fun party Annie!

Dylan won first place for his realistic portrayal of Frankenstein.