Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little Guys & Dolls

It's time again for a Belasco Youth Theatre production!

Friday is opening night of Guys & Dolls at the Jeanne Wagner Theatre in Salt Lake City.
Where do you get tickets? RIGHT HERE

Monday, February 16, 2009

BK V-Day

This year Valentine's Day was a little crazy AND a little less than relaxing! But first on Friday night we went to see Ben Kweller with the lovable Madsen clan. Here is a pic I stole from Cecily...

It was such a fun night and as always good ole' Benny did not disappoint! It was also the first time we have really left Dylan so it was a big night for us!!

Saturday mayhem ensued...ok maybe that is a bit dramatic but being in the floral business now it was of course busy! That's a good thing though and we were able to wrap things up by about 5PM to enjoy the rest of our evening. Thanks everyone who ordered from Linger this year!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Knights Visit

We were so excited to meet little Jasmine Knights last month!! Isn't she adorable!?! Dylan was obsessed with trying to grab her hair and got her pretty good a couple of times, so sorry Jazzy! It was so great to see you guys, hopefully we will be out to visit you next time!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad Blogger...

I have been a huge slacker about blogging lately! There is a good chance that it's because EVERY time I am on the computer it's to work on the new Linger website. It's been incredibly challenging for me, learning Flash - yikes!, but I am so happy to finally have it posted... of course there is always stuff for me to fix but at least something is up! Check it out

The shop is also progressing, we are almost done painting the entry way and Ryan put up the lighting last week! This is not a great picture but I will get some new ones soon.
Dylan is getting more mobile every day! It's fun to watch him grow, get more coordinated and be such a happy little guy. Here are a few pictures at SIX MONTHS!!

Running is also starting to take up more and more of my time, luckily I am enjoying it! Our half marathon is in just SIX WEEKS!! We are running the Moab half with some of Ryan's family, they have never been down there so it should be a fun, quick weekend.

I can't say all of my time is productive I have a NOT SO HEALTHY addiction to the PS3 game Little Big Planet - I know it looks like a kids game but it's so much fun, maybe I will go play it now...