Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sun here we come...

Since it's apparent the sun is NOT coming to Utah for any extended period of time anytime soon we are going to the warm beaches of Oahu, Hawaii.
I can't believe we are leaving TOMORROW!

Here are a few pictures so you can share in the experience...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Catching up…

It’s been a long time since I posted!!
Below is a recap of the last couple of weeks…

April 2nd to 4th...
I went on a quick business trip to the West Coast, and when I say West Coast I mean that I covered some pretty good distance in 3 days… on the 2nd I flew to Portland, did a 2 hour presentation at Oracle and flew to Seattle that afternoon. I saw very little of Portland as you can see by my two pictures taken from the Oracle office downtown. I would really like to go back though, downtown and along the river looked beautiful from my taxi!

I arrived in Seattle pretty early and was staying downtown so I booked it down to what I thought would be the water and Pikes Place, I was surprised to find that it’s not really on the bay, I guess I was picturing something more like San Francisco. I didn’t have much daylight and figured being alone, pregnant and hiking back up the hill to my hotel may take some time so I just took a few pictures before going back. It was a pretty walk and lots of people were out heading home from work. The next morning I didn’t have meetings until 11:30AM so I went back down the hill to the market, there is a lot more going on there in the morning! All the shops were opening and I had some delicious freshly made doughnuts for breakfast – healthy!!

After my presentation I once again headed straight to the airport to catch a flight for San Jose (my company headquarters). I went straight to my hotel in Santa Clara, caught up on work, ordered room service and went to bed early. The next morning I had a Project Management training and Serene and was back in the air by 6PM. Unfortunately this flight didn’t go quite as smoothly! Southwest is the only airline that leaves late enough out of San Jose and it connects in Las Vegas, against my better judgement I booked this flight and was delayed for 2 hours in the crappy Vegas airport. I didn’t get in until almost 2AM and was exhausted! Overall it was a great trip!!

He’s gonna be a rocker…
The greatest thing happened the 16th while I was driving… I turned up the radio and the little guy started rockin’ out! I turned it back down and he was completely still so I turned it up and once again he was jammin’, this went on for about 5 minutes and then I think he fell asleep. I usually can’t feel him unless I am completely still so it was really fun to feel him so active while I was driving!

Say Cheese…
Ryan bought us a new camera while I was on my trip, it’s a Nikon D80 and we are still learning how to use it. As you can imagine the pups are our best subjects for practice so below are a few pictures from their most recent photo shoots.

This is where Capri sits while I work all day, I realize it's not the right lighting but she's just so cute!

Foliage is fun…
You know you are old when something like planting bushes in your barren flower beds is a highlight!! Last weekend we (meaning Ryan) planted 7 bushes in our front yard. It was a beautiful day, we even got a little sunburned. All of our neighbors were out doing yardwork too, it was fun to finally meet everyone.

Look at the dogs in the bedroom windows.

Serene Party….
Only three people (including myself) at Serene (my company) live here in Utah, but two of my California team mates are living here for a couple of months to work on a project in SLC. Last night they came over for a Rock Band party with their wives and the Hammer family (Colter is one of our Solutions Consultants and we have worked together and been friends for about 4 years now). We missed you Jeff! It was so much fun to have everyone over, thanks for coming!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

WARNING: Baby talk ahead...

WARNING: Let me begin by saying I understand that not everyone is interested in the details of my pregnancy and baby. I understand that you can go about your business without a second thought as to what might be happening with the Thomas baby, an occasional update is more than sufficient! I try to not make it all about me or my baby BUT you have been fairly warned that this post is about nothing BUT the baby, feel free to skim I will try to minimize the details. :)

Yesterday was the BIG ultrasound and we found out we are having a BOY!! It is so exciting!! In addition to this fantastic news they confirmed that he is healthy and growing right on schedule. Below is the ultrasound where at about 1min you can hear the heartbeat coming in at 158, perfectly healthy. They also monitored the brain and heart chambers and measured the abdomen, head, legs, arms, etc. to ensure he was growing properly, again right on track. He is approximately 13 ounces and 8 inches long which confirms my due date of August 11th. AND he already has a mind of his own!! He had no interest in showing us his face yesterday, he was facing my back and no matter how I moved or the tech tried to move him he was determined to stay there! We only got a few shots to confirm he will of course be one handsome little fella!!

Thanks Jim, Florence and Michael for coming ~ it was so much fun to have you there!

25sec - top of head with two little fists up by the face
53sec - spine and side view, the tech zooms in on his heart the black spot that is rapidly beating
1min55sec - top view of the head, arm and legs in the background
3min45sec - It's a boy!
4min12sec - Front view of face and chest
4min20sec - 3D shots, he's not really cooperating but facing left you can see the head, arm, legs and back
4min57sec - feet

I couldn't wait to get something for him so we bought him his first rockin' onsie...

We also bought his crib last Saturday - so much fun shopping to do!!

NAMES: Right now we are considering James Dylan or James Ethan, but we probably won't decide until he is here!