Sunday, February 21, 2010


We spent a wonderful weekend in Lava Hot Springs with the fabulous Hammer fam... the pictures say it all!!

Ryan had to borrow Abi's socks - super hot!

Colter is hidden in there but somehow still able to play Wii - priorities!
We did not approve of this message...

...but this one was dead on!!

We love cheesy decor and this place was ooooozing with it!

As you can see by our fancy-schmancy Valentines dinner decor. We thought it appropriate that we only use things we found in the home, can you say romance??

Ryan & Colter made us this delicious dinner - well more Ryan than Colter, he needed a nap but that was for us too we didn't want a sleepy, cranky Colter and someone had to put the kiddos to sleep! It was delicious thanks babe.

Look at those rosy cheeks!

I thought this would be such a great place for a Dylan photo shoot, apparently he did not agree!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Dylan

Fighting sleep in the car.

More playing in the fridge!

I finally let him play with an egg (I blew it out first) and he realized it was not at cool as he thought it would be.

Playing with dad in Park City

Driving cars at Boondocks

With the beautiful Jasmine at Boondocks - they both look so serious!

Seriously? How cute is he??

Topless Tapas

Ok, maybe not the topless part but definitely the tapas and lots of them!! We decided to have a girls night and eat dinner at a new tapas place in SLC called Meditrina. For those of you who have not had tapas they are basically 2-3 bite 'meals' that just leave you wanting and ordering more! But it is fun because you get to try a variety of items. Well as you can see we had a great time, Abi even brought Kristi a date - that's Joshua Radin and you will have to read back here for details as to why this is significant.
Thanks girls!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ryan's Birthdays - with an S

So I thought I had it figured out with the big, fun birthday celebration but I think Ryan has proven himself the smartie-pants once again! He actually ended up with 5 - yes FIVE - birthday celebrations. Genius!

First we celebrated with my family at our Christmas party in December.
I will have to find those pictures and add later!

Next, we celebrated with just the three of us on his actual Birthday.
Click here if you missed it...

Third, the lovely Hammers had us over for dinner, decorated all "Hammer-Style" and gave him some essentials for growing old. So funny!

Fourth, the beautiful Madsen's made us a delicious dinner and got him a new version of Ticket to Ride so we could all play together, it is totally "our" game!

And finally, we celebrated with this family with cake and ice cream at our house and bowling at Boondocks.

Dylan had just woken up and was NOT happy with the loud singing! Unfortunately he also had a fever so he and I missed out on the Boondockulous fun times! And my cakes wouldn't come out of the pan so Ryan got three not-very-pretty, but still quite tasty homemade red velvet cakes!

I don't know the story behind this picture but I can tell they were having a good time!

Really? Look how loved this guy is! I am lucky because I get to partake in all the festivities as well. Hope you enjoyed welcoming the big 3-0 babe!!