Thursday, December 31, 2009

Random Wrap-Up ~ 2009

...dr visits...23 pounds - yeah!...
...saggy-baggy bottom dyl = adorable! just like dad...

...SUGAR!! In all it's forms...

...specifically frosting and marshmallows... or roasted...

...winter fires....

...silly tubs...
...this beautiful girl...

(Ok so if you saw this post before and I didn't have this text here Ryan thought it looked like a memorial - do not be alarmed IT'S NOT!. This is just a gorgeous picture I had of Ryan's rock-star sister Kristi before one of her many Christmas gigs. Seriously - isn't she awesome!?!)

Arrivederci 2009...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day By Day ~ Volume III

Apparently I really go through phases with taking phone pictures and I haven't posted them for a VERY long time! So here are the last 6 months of 2009, according to my phone...

12.12.09 - Sleeping in the stroller while Christmas shopping.
12.08.09 - Watching TV with Capri
12.03.09 - Evidence of the first day of the chocolate advent calendar.
11.28.09 - Playing outside at Grandma Humphrey's house.
11.13.09 - Shoving any item into the ball shooting toy that will fit.
10.08.09 - Nonchalantly tossing a bowl of mashed potatoes over his head.
10.08.09 - Walking in shoes for the first time, it was tricky!
09.16.09 - Dylan has a drinking problem! After refusing to eat any 'real food' he threw back almost three full baba's.
09.28.09 - Just being cheesy!
09.28.09 - So sweet! I am working at the table while he eats breakfast and watches toons, he puts his hand on my knee or shoulder while he watches. I love it!
09.06.09 - Rockin' out at an outdoor Sunday afternoon concert at Snowbasin, he didn't want to give Joy back her hat!
08.31.09 - At Sebastian's birthday party. It was fantastically robot including robot cupcakes and a dance off in robot attire - of course! Dilly is in love with Ashlii and her beautiful girls.

08.24.09 - Playing at the park while dad is in class.
08.13.09 - Baba and Monkey = sheer bliss! AKA Ba & Ma.
08.10.09 - Who needs furniture?
08.03.09 - For some reason Dylan LOVES the carts at RC Willy.
07.14.09 - In Old Town San Diego. Ariba!
07.12.09 - Look at those eyelashes! And awesome hair - haha!
07.11.09 - New carseat! Love that chubby face :)
07.10.09 - Playing at Red Butte Garden.
06.26.09 - I wish this weren't blurry! We were doing costume fittings for the theatre company and Dylan looked fabulous in this wig and 50's cat eye glasses.
06.26.09 - Remember when it was warm and we were swimming?? *sigh...
06.21.09 - I'm bored... ...let's paint with ketchup and mustard... clean up!
06.17.09 - Funny Cheetos face.
06.17.09 - Finally feeling better after being so SO sick! :(
06.11.09 - Ahhhh...
06.10.09 - Walter the giraffe has so many functions!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas ~ Part II

We spent Christmas Eve at Ryan's aunt's house where Jill and Kaiser provided a delicious dinner, we played a gift exchange game and sang carols. We had such a great time!! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera so all the pictures on on Jill's camera... I may get them sometime... :)

Christmas morning is still pretty slow paced and relaxing around here. I think Ryan and I were more anxious for it than Dylan, he's not quite into it yet. But doesn't he look adorable in his Christmas jammies!?!

We went a little overboard this year, the playroom pretty much needed a full makeover. Dylan has outgrown his baby toys but isn't quite to the kids toys yet, it's a strange stage really. His favorite thing to do it put things in cupboards, boxes, etc. and take them out and try them in new spots. You wouldn't believe the things I find in my kitchen cupboards! It's awesome!! So we had to kind of guess what he may like in the next few months and found some great deals on these wooden toys that we really like. Here are some pictures of the new playroom with a play table (he got a small train from Grandparent's Thomas and some cars to drive on there from Grandma Humphrey and Anna, but he doesn't quite get it yet) he mostly just stacks everything up there (including himself) and then takes it all off, over and over... He also loves to play with the kitchens anywhere we go, again with the cupboard thing! So Santa got him a play kitchen and this play house which truthfully I play with more than him! I love that he is already pretending to make food and feeds us when it is ready. We also got a treehouse that matches these but it's too old for him so I think Santa gave it to the Easter Bunny...

Obviously he wasn't interested at all in looking at the camera.

Two perfect examples of him taking everything to place in the oven, including the sink and the play house bathroom!

As I said before Ryan got me the new video camera - really it's for all of us since I know you all will be loving the videos I post on here! *wink, wink And I got Ryan a leather messenger bag for his computer and school stuff, he has wanted one for a while and it was a complete surprise! Yeah me!!

After Santa and family gifts at our house we got ready and went to the wild and crazy Thomas house for brunch and presents - lots and lots of presents... Stay tuned I have to get the pictures before I post about that, I know you're on the edge of your seats in anticipation!