Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day By Day ~ Volume V

It's been almost a YEAR since I did one of these posts! And now that I have an even better camera phone it's time I started posting them again. So here goes...In reverse order from today to January 5th when I got my new phone.

02.15.11 ~Playtime with Grandma
02.14.11 ~ Dylan Robot
02.14.11 ~ This FAKE cig was dropped on my porch from our party Saturday and I found it when I picked up this announcement on my door! Great! lol 02.14.11 ~ Ryan's Grandpa is AMAZING at sending cards for every occasion. He always chooses something thoughtful and they ALWAYS arrive on time! When I showed this to Dylan he said, very dramatically, "oh wow!" When I handed it to him he hugged it and said "I love mickey mouse". Adorable! Thanks Grandpa.
02.12.11 ~ A self shot, after the party. I like it, so I'm posting it.
02.11.11 ~ New decor.
02.11.11 ~ The red velvet cake center of our pretty desserts posted below.
02.11.11 ~ Loving the warm(er) weather. It was Dylan's idea to hold hands, he is the sweetest! Also, not a great pic of me which helps me justify the pose of myself above.
02.10.11 ~ I DESPISE doing anything with the cars! But Ryan nagged me enough to check my oil level, this is the pic I sent he and Mike (hoping someone would respond quickly!) to see if I needed to add any.
02.05.11 ~ Grandma & Anna came up and SPOILED Dylan with a few hours of fun at Boondocks. We had a blast, thanks guys!
He really is SO GOOD at this game!
02.04.11 ~ Flexing his muscles for Rubie, I should have posted this with the video.
02.03.11 ~ I...errr...I mean DYLAN loves forts!! My living room frequently looks like this and honestly I think it's so much fun. I guess I never outgrew my fort building stage.
Love these squeezes & cheeses!
02.02.11 ~ On my way to get about SIX INCHES cut off of my hair!
02.01.11 ~ My Dilly has had ear infections this month! I think (hope!) they are finally gone, he didn't complain about them until they had been around for "awhile" so it took some strong antibiotics to finally work. The scale pics are not nearly as cute as when he would sit on the small scale in his diaper, in fact he was jumping around so much I couldn't get a clear shot. His favorite part of the dr. is, of course, the suckers, and he really just sucks them. I finally threw this one away after he went to bed, it was a tiny nub left on the counter. Who is that patient with a sucker? It was only a small dum-dum to begin with!
Still at the dr. He had these other two boys running in circles after him in the waiting room, they were all laughing so hard! You can see why I didn't have any clue he was sick.
01.31.11 ~ Painting with his toes.
01.30.11 ~ My poor mom was sick and in the hospital for a few days. (Doing better now thank goodness!) Anna and I were there for a long time the first day and ended up in state of silly delirium. The second pic is of our name tags, mine was a disaster and kept falling off, I even found it on Anna's back once - WTH? Her's never moved and was in perfect condition. We were laughing so hard about this...I know, had to be there!
01.19.11 ~ Ryan had just built Dylan a VERY impressive book tower. I am not kidding, it was huge! Of course it fell, and so did the tears, right as I took this picture.
01.17.11 ~ I can't tell you how many times a day we hear "I wanna play a game" and "where the iPad go?" This kid is hooked!
01.17.11 ~ Just goofin'
01.14.11 ~ He really is saying cheese! This post is making me realize how much time he spends nearly naked. Lucky.
01.13.11 ~ More goofin' this time with TWO monkeys! Again he is saying cheese but it looks like a grimace.
01.10.11 ~ And the "get your jammies on" chase begins!
01.09.11 ~ How would it be??
01.06.11 ~ Watching a show in a very cozy boat. Love his imagination!
01.05.11 ~ First pic taken with the new camera phone.

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