Monday, February 14, 2011

Murder, Mayhem & the Mob

Saturday we hosted a murder mystery dinner - roaring 20's, prohibition era, hardcore mobster, scandalous flapper style!

Welcome to Rosie's Joice Joint
A lavish 1920's speakeasy

We had a delicious (if I do say so myself) dinner of Chicken Saltimbocca, Creamy sun-dried tomato pasta & roasted asparagus. Followed by these beautiful {great job Krissy} and only marginally yummy {recipes fault} red-velvet cake balls.
[since you asked - click names for recipes]
Thanks also to Krissy for the hotsy-totsy name tags/place settings.

**The Dames**

**The Fellas**

**The Couples**

~ Notorious Nick & Rosie Marie ~
Northside mob boss and notorious ladies man and a fashionable, wealthy skirt mourning the loss of her husband.

~ Cindy Butt & Mayor Biggs ~
The cigarette girl with the cutest baby bump and the very powerful, hilarious story-telling Mayor! Together they extorted and bribed the most money out of other players, but overall Cindy was named Mrs. Money Bags much to the Mayors disapproval.

~ Southside Sally & Bernie Booze ~
One tough & sexy mob boss and the other a successful, handsome, yet suspicious, bootlegger. Do not mess with this power couple!

~ Kitty Cocktail & Cy Ramsey ~
Employees of the Juice Joint, this waitress and bouncer make one incredibly good looking couple! Not to mention Kitty wore the most amazing dress and Cy definitely brought the most impressive accent.

~ Dina Diva & Hal Hollywood ~
This gorgeous couple brought the glitz and glamor of Hollywood as the canary and movie director kept everyone on their toes with promise of fame and fortune.

~ Chief Cameron & Molly Moll ~
An unlikely couple {or maybe not} as the chief of police and the "most popular" gal in town. These two stole the night with their impeccable attire and acting abilities winning the Dressed to Kill award as a couple and the Drama Queen award for the Chief.

**The Entertainment**

After dinner some of us dames got our wiggle on and learned the Charleston. We had so much fun we forgot to take pictures, let alone the video that I know you all would die to see!

What's a speakeasy without a little "Gentlemans Entertainment"?
//Yes, I laughed so hard putting this together!
It was totally one of those last minute ideas.

**The Story**

So this fella Nick, he was too powerful for his own good.

These plugs made for a likely list of suspects...

In the end this cat got the bit.

**The Awards**

--> Dressed to Kill

--> Mrs. Money Bags -- See above

--> Drama Queen

--> Smoking Gun -- All four of these mugs guessed the killer.


The Busby Family said...

This is soooo hilarious! It looks like you had so much fun.

Jill said...

That was such a fun party Beth! Thanks again for all you did. It must have been so much work! You are seriously the best hostess I have ever met.